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Areas of Expertise

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General Therapy

My general therapy practice is open to new referrals and clients. I accept insurance and am a provider on many insurance panels. I am dedicated to helping you move through stressful complicated events in your life and give you practical tools for support along the way. I work with people experiencing many of life’s challenges including individual and couples counseling, marital counseling, pre-marital and commitment preparation, personal or work related stress, medical challenges, grief and loss, parenting issues (childhood through college), family of origin issues (parents, siblings, or other family members), eldercare issues, gay and lesbian family building and couples counseling, adoption issues, and many other concerns. Counseling for Family Balancing with Gender Selection through PGD. Please feel free to ask me if your concerns fall within my area of experience or expertise.

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Reproductive and Infertility Counseling

I have over twenty years experience counseling couples and individuals through all phases of infertility. I offer psychological support and stress management with the challenges and decisions you face along your path to parenthood. I provide yearly training lectures to the OB/GYN residents at Oregon Health and Sciences University on topics related to infertility and mental health, and family building options. I serve on OHSU’s Ethics in Reproduction advisory committee. It is very important to receive the emotional support you need to get through this difficult time and to reduce the possibility of depression. I offer specific practical support for those beginning an IVF cycle with a plan to reduce stress during treatment and hopefully have a better outcome. I offer counseling for those doing IUI’s, and I provide the required psycho-educational consultation for all individuals and couples doing third party reproduction for both egg (ED)and sperm donation (DI) recipients. In addition I do the psychological screening of egg donors and sperm donors for Oregon Health and Sciences University Fertility Consultants (18 years). I provide counseling for those considering embryo donation and those building their families with the help of a gestational carrier from pre-pregnancy to after birth for both carriers and recipients. For those considering adoption I provide support, educational information about raising a child/children through adoption and have both professional expertise in this field (having worked for several Oregon adoption agencies ) as well as personal expertise as a parent through adoption myself.

There are many other services offered as well.

Reproductive Medicine Counseling

Embyro Donation/Adoption counseling for intended parents and recipients

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Contact Paula:

Please e-mail me for questions or call me to set up an appointment.
I return calls very promptly and look forward to being of service to you. office phone: (503) 940-5777.

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