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Reproductive and Infertility Counseling Services, Paula Acker, L.C.S.W.

I provide psychological counseling to couples and individual adults in Portland, Oregon and via the phone or Skype for those out of the area. I specialize in Infertility Counseling. I have been a professional Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist for over 21 years. I am an instructor in the Department of OB/GYN at Oregon Health and Sciences University, as the clinic counselor for University Fertility Consultants. I work with people struggling with infertility and parenting options, as well as having a general therapy practice. I do psychological screening for both egg and sperm donors for couples and clinics across the U.S. I strive to assist you in finding the answers to questions or decisions you face in your life.

Reproductive and Infertility Counseling

I counsel couples making decisions about third party reproduction, (egg and sperm donation) IVF, embryo donation, gestational carriers and recipients and those considering adoption, as well as those touched by adoption. I am a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Mental Health Professional Group, and a member of National Association of Social Workers. I screen both egg and sperm donors for couples and clinics. I provide stress management strategies and techniques for those seeking to reduce highly stressful situations in their lives. I provide lifetime counseling for family’s created through all methods of conception and adoption.

General Therapy

My general therapy practice is devoted to helping you gain momentum in your life and find fulfillment with your needs and desires. I offer help with those struggling with a wide variety of life issues including marital, parenting and adolescent concerns, job related stress and family of origin issues.

I am happy to see you and it is easy to make an appointment. My office is located in an modern home office  on beautiful  Westover Road. Most insurance accepted. Please call to learn more or make an appointment (503) 940-5777

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